Awaken your inner entrepreneur.

I have always been an entrepreneur and researched growth in small enterprises (PhD, computer science). My life’s mission is to bring more digital entrepreneurship into this world.

Story of Valtteri

It was just a mess for years when I started my business at 15. I kept chasing every customer I could get, losing energy and almost dropping out of school. Back then, I wished I’d had a mentor and crystal ball to follow to do better business. I kept making expensive and ridiculous mistakes for years when just trying to survive as an entrepreneur.

With trial and error, I self-taught digital business, studying and doing research simultaneously. In 2021 I completed my PhD in computer science at the University of Oulu. My PhD dissertation was about micro-enterprises and the entrepreneurial capabilities required to succeed.

I have been transforming various small businesses and organisations for growth since 2006. Along with my daily work at Valfi, my goal is to help you to strengthen you s as an entrepreneurial thinker.

My life mission has always been to encourage and build entrepreneurial thinking. I believe that everyone should have equal opportunities to make a living doing what they love.

Entrepreneurship is for everyone

By 2030, up to 90% of the world’s population will have access to the web. This allows individuals to participate in digital entrepreneurship without barriers. Still, technology is not enough without entrepreneurial mindset. 

How to bring entrepreneurial thinking into your organisation?

An increasing number of services are being productized and sold online. Have you thought about a video-driven digital sales channel?

Grow your business with a better narrative

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