Hi, I’m Valtteri

I have been an entrepreneur since I turned 15. Now I run a tech company Valfi.com that helps other entrepreneurs to grow. I also have a PhD in computer science. Meanwhile, I invest, make instrumental music and fly planes. 

Future of work is entrepreneurial

I believe in entrepreneurship and digitalisation. When I started my own business at 15, I wished I’d had a mentor that helped and believed your ideas when no one else didn’t. Well, I ended up not having that guide and made expensive and ridiculous mistakes for years when just trying to survive.

To succeed, I took the hard way, self-taught web development and business along running the business. In 2021 I completed my PhD in computer science at the University of Oulu. My PhD dissertation was about micro-enterprises and entrepreneurial capabilities required to succeed in e-commerce.

I have been building digital products and businesses since 2006 helping various entrepreneurs to succeed in e-commerce, R&D and retail.

My life mission has always been to encourage and build entrepreneurial thinking. I believe that everyone should have equal opportunities for growth through digitalisation.

Towards globalization 3.0

By 2030, up to 90% of the world’s population will have access to the internet. This allows individuals to participate in world trade and international supply chains without intermediaries.

How to build an e-commerce or AI strategy?

An increasing number of services are being productized and sold online. Have you thought about an AI-driven digital sales channel for your products to make it a scalable process?

How to build an online cult?

If you want to succeed in online shopping in 2020s, you need to build a strong cult around your online brand. I’ll help you find it.

Scale your WooCommerce online store with AI

I will help you build your e-commerce strategy for 10 years ahead on the world’s most popular open-source e-commerce platform, WooCommerce.

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